Release Agents

3M Super 77


Details Versatile adhesive that bonds a wide range of lightweight materials Provides professional, industrial strength for demanding applications Offers a fast, aggressive tack for a quick bond that reduces set time Bonds paper, cardboard, fabric,...

PetroLease Eject it - Case


Imperial Surface is proud to sell Eject-It! #33 Petrolease petroeum-based mold release. Similar to petroleum jelly, this aerosol spray allows you to quickly and evenly coat a mold with a thin layer of release agent. All of the benefit of petroleum jelly...

Pol-ease 2500 Release


Pol-Ease® 2500 is an aerosol spray release agent that can be washed off of models and castings. It is the preferred choice when castings need to be painted. For Mold Making: Apply to non-porous or sealed models when making silicone rubber molds (not...